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View Diary: Gay or not maternal?  We'll fix you. (46 comments)

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  •  The study is both disgusting and offensive (5+ / 0-)

    It's offensive to both lesbian mothers and women who don't wish to have children.  

    But the premises of the study are also wrong.  Besides the fact that none of the so called "abnormal" behavior is a problem, the scientists seem to be basing their study on stereotypes.  The idea that all lesbians act in ways that are masculine or that all gay men act in ways that are effeminate has been long disproven.  Therefore the study that seeks to eliminate masculine traits from women in order to make them straight seems to be even more off base than it already is.  How do you make the lesbian prom queen more feminine?  How do you make the gay waterpolo team captain more masculine?  

    Although I don't think any fruit will be born out of these studies (I think they're similar to all the old "scientific" studies that demonstrated the intellectual inferiority of blacks and Latinos and Asians by measuring crainum diameters among other things), there is good reason to be fearful.  That's because this has been done before......scientists and doctors claiming ways to degay individuals through harsh medical treatments.  These treatments didn't work of course.  They had long lasting negative impacts of course.  This whole hormone therapy of course is merely taking the electro-shock therapy and moving it into the prenatal dimension.

    Of course, there is one problem with all this for the right wingers.  Right wingers hate and despise gay people but this sort of thing really splits them in their Nazi-style quest to eradicate gay people.  The religious right has been claiming that being gay is a choice and that gays can become straight if they simply pray enough to Jesus.  To that degree, they set up bible camps and prayer circles and other torturous methods to try and convince gays and lesbians to "pray away the gay."  And of course they make up all these lines about "unrepentant homosexual conduct."  These right wing scientists are looking to eradicate gays as well but they're basically saying that being gay is part of the normal human process.  That people don't choose to be gay, that their parents can make the choice by using hormone therapies.  

    While both groups of homophobes are evil (and I don't use that term lightly), it's nice that they're divided.  

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