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    And if politicians were honest they'd say the only  systemic problem they see to fix is Americans' expectations.

    What we see as "chronic problems" (I would say chronic and systemic problems) DC, Wall St., and Davos see as a leveling the field of global resources. We're not so much in a collapsed economy but a new economy.

    I am an optimistic person by nature so show me one single strategy that addresses jobs and I'll change my outlook for the future. There are none. Green economy jobs are not going to get out of the incubator stage for decades.

    Investments almost all recovered. Maybe 50% of Americans have been hurt by the joblessness, but variable pension payments tied to the market have only been below 100% for the last 4 months and are once again over 100%. When Social Security is cannibalized for good the smartest and luckiest retirees will not suffer since the warnings have been out there for years.  

    The wrong Americans are being punished for tax cuts and perpetual war. That 50% figure makes my blood boil. The US middle class is abandoned. The country's human, natural, and financial resources are desperate for good stewards and in the wrong hands.

    And I challenge anyone to name one change on the horizon for the middle class.  

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