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View Diary: A review of Jonathan Alter's book on Obama's first year. (135 comments)

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  •  I have read Renegade and the Promise and one more (12+ / 0-)

    All were good, and offered different sides of the candidate and then President.

    The book by Remnick, I think entitled Barack Obama, but I have forgotten the sub-title was also good.  It was a glimpse of Obama through a magazine editor's eye.  It also covered Obama's books.

    The Promise is perhaps the best so far, the meatiest, and it deals with the here and now.

    I liked the President's own books, Dreams from my Father and the Audacity of Hope.

    All show something I think I heard Remnick say on a podcast that the President has a gut full of audacity.  I think all the books about him by others show this.

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