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View Diary: GOP hypocrisy watch #1298: It's not just J.D. Hayworth (27 comments)

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    The problem is not that J.D. Hayworth is a hypocrite. The problem is that, even if his words are hypocritical, he and a couple of his Republican colleagues are the only ones speaking what I believe. The Federal Government IS bankrupting us with bailouts. I found myself agreeing with Richard Shelby the other day! Richard Steele is the only person in Washington telling the truth about Afghanistan, for crying out loud. Kerry obstructed the extension of unemployment benefits because he didn't want to raise taxes on hedge fund managers. We have to stop getting all snarky about Republican hypocrisy and start demanding that at least one party, our party, the Democratic party, is the party that doesn't do the bidding of the war machine, that serves the people, not Wall Street.
    The entertainment model for left-leaning pundits and media personalities is a childish game of "I know you are, but what am I?" I'm sick of it.

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