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View Diary: Ohio SB 24 to squelch academic freedom (28 comments)

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  •  wanna beat him? (none)
    your tools are public ridicule, sarcasm, and negative publicity.

    make him a laughingstock in his own town.

    discreetly announce to a teevee station or two that something interesting's gonna happen at mumper's office at a given day and time, and then have 50 academics show up to award him the "Mumper Muzzle" prize.

    have students threaten to sue him for refund of their tuition for the information they WON'T get if his law passes. seems that students in debating societies would be entitled to 100% reimbursement.

    mention that you want to teach that george bush is GOOD and that Mumper is GOOD and that his law is GOOD, but you can't bring it up because it's too controversial.

    humiliate the bee-yatch in the public eye. that's how you'll win.

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