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  •  KY's KERA has done that nonsense for many years. (3+ / 0-)

    We had this great thing called KERA many years ago - it equalised funding between school districts (a good thing), imposed testing and levels like "proficient" to check for progress (not always a bad thing), imposed a school penalty-and-reward system based on kids' scores (hmmm, getting a bit shaky here), and to top it off - left no method for kids and their scores to be tied to each other (so there was no way to tell if any given child had actually improved or not).

    What we teachers found that was since no relationship existed between those tests and the kids who took them - the kids weren't accountable for their tests, but the teachers and schools were - the kids didn't give a damn and the teachers (and schools with a lot of poor kids) got screwed. Oh, well, the state got their numbers.

    Kids went to things like "portfolio class" every day to work on items to submit for their writing portfolios, which was supposed to show individual progress, but was actually a way to try to get everyone to be proficient in something.

    Soon, though - very soon - people noticed that special needs kids (slow learners, kids with behavioural difficulties, many disabled kids, kids with any problems at all, etc.) had to be given special ways to do well on KERA tests, regardless of what they may or may not have learned. This wasn't to help the kids learn; it was to help the kids pass. It was exactly what Ken described, but a few years earlier. Not only did we dumb down the curriculum, we dumbed down what "passing" meant and we dumbed down how to get to "passing."

    Good luck to ya, Ken.

    BTW - you have only 5 pooties? We've got 15 1/2. :-)

    -8.75, -6.72 If it's 15000 ft below sea level, maybe it should stay there.

    by SciMathGuy on Mon Jul 05, 2010 at 07:08:33 AM PDT

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