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  •  Jesuit Education and Uniformity (1+ / 0-)
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    Cassandra Waites

    I have to get my AP Euro class certified over the next few days...not exactly 8000 words, but it will feel like it.

    We had this discussion not long ago at my school over commonality vs. distinctiveness in education.  The Jesuit model orignally was built on Quintillian's humanistic format, emphasizing the classic languages, with some other topics added in.  When Jesuit schools opened up in the US after the end of the dissolution of the order, the tradtional model was kept.

    However, outside influences started to creep in...we have to be accredited by Middle States and the state of PA has base requirements for all private schools.  We are also attempting to deal with the dramatic demographic changes in our area.  

    All of these have changed the curriculum over time, to the degree that with the exception of our language requirements (either 4 Latin/2 Modern, 3/3 or 2/4), we look almost like every other private religious schools in the area.  This has been followed by Jesuit schools across the country, though the emphasis has been more on pedagogy (repetition, prelection, cura personalis, ets.) than on curriculum.

    And that's too bad.  While I am for adjusting our language requirements, I also think that we should be offering something uinque, especially as we have more flexibility than the public system and have a mission that emphasizes social justice far more than other college prep schools.  Hopefully as we continue to discuss curriculum changes, we can come up with something unique and rewarding.  We'll see...

    When the storm blows hard you must stand firm, for it is not trying to knock you down, it is trying to teach you to be strong. Lakota saying

    by dizzydean on Mon Jul 05, 2010 at 07:57:24 AM PDT

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