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  •  I agree that we are (0+ / 0-)

    not meeting the true needs of all of the students because states want to look good to the public saying they ae preparing all for college.  When have all gone to college?  When have all wanted to go to college?  

    I am in Texas and I see students dropping out because they are expected to take physics, chemistry, and geometry no matter what their plans.  Why not give them the option of environmental science and business math, and other such courses that also have value?

    I also hate that we make them feel like a failure if they don't go to college.  My plumber and electrician make more than I do and in a lot of cases get a lot more respect.  I want to start educating people in ways that are valuable to them and our society.  We are not all the same, thank goodness.  

    •  I will add to that (0+ / 0-)

      that the plumbers and electricians are not getting their jobs shipped overseas!  

      I do value the professions and both of my children have graduate degrees, but I also value other paths that contribute to our world.

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