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  •  That's the funny thing (0+ / 0-)

    Whenever this site convulses over something, I tend to assume it's for a good reason (or at least a good reason was where things started before getting distorted by melodrama).

    But when it convulses over something that I know very well—design, editing, composition—and people freak out over stuff that isn't really a big deal, or worse, make uneducated assertions because they don't see this stuff every day and are feeling (for whatever reason), terribly insecure—then I'm reminded that most of us don't really know all that much. About anything.

    And we're easily led.

    •  If there's one thing I've noticed (1+ / 0-)
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      in the years that I have been reading DailyKos, it's that whenever this site "convulses" over something, it's because there is an underlying principle that is being violated.  While we are not perfect, I think most people know that "honesty' is an attribute, and not a fault.  

      When the Texas School Board creates a new history by rewriting textbooks to promote a fundamental Christian and right wing ideology, we react.  It's not just the fact of what they are doing, but the violation of principles we have concerning freedom of speech and of religion.  There is a core reason we take offense.

      I read and comment on about 30 blogs, but DK is my favorite.  There is an honesty to this site.  Virtually everything is fact-checked and questioned, which is what true journalists should be doing.  It's the principled, the right thing to do.  When commenters or diarists react strongly here, it's because something really means something to them.  Dissenters are treated with respect, and even the trolls generally stick to the subject.

      That's why something like this photo of Obama bothers me.  As a professional photographer of 48 years, it offends me, and it is indefensible.  It purports to show a reality that doesn't exist.  That it "isn't so bad", or only a little bit misleading, is beside the point.  It's a lie.

      •  not my experience (0+ / 0-)

        often when it convulses, it's because people haven't thought clearly about an issue and then the herd mentatlity sets in.  God help you make a reasoned argument one the orange stampede sets sights on that cliff..

        I wish more people were thoughtful and honest but being outraged is too much fun I suppose

        by Guinho on Wed Jul 07, 2010 at 08:53:32 PM PDT

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