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View Diary: Collapse of The Military--Vietnam's Lesson of What's To Come (75 comments)

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  •  LTC Anthony Herbert's book on Vietnam (4.00)
    made a point that almost everyone in the military has tried to ignore: the failure of leadership from the field grade and general officers. It has been all too easy for the US Army to blame it on the politicians, the media and the counterculture, but the fact is that the ossifers didn't want to get their asses shot off any more than the grunts, but it didn't stop them from sending the grunts on missions that they would observe themselves from a safe distance.

    The same thing may be happening in Iraq, although to what degree is unknown. The officer corps is known to support Bush by a large majority, and I remember at least one case of someone complaining about the officers sending soldiers on convoy missions that they would not go on themselves. We have certainly seen any number of field commanders on TV telling us how well things are going on this or the other campaign that they are engaged in. And then of course, there are the generals who mostly show us how utterly full of shit they are almost everytime they open their mouths. I mean, you ain't gonna get that next star by being realistic or anything like that. I wonder how often a colonel, let alone a general does convoy duty. They would seem to have neither the guts to stand up to the civilian leadership, nor the guts to accompany their troops.

    Pipe dreams are not an exit strategy.

    by TrainWreck on Thu Jan 27, 2005 at 12:49:13 PM PST

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