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View Diary: Heating Oil: The Oil Crisis in New York City (60 comments)

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  •  Actually I think what was said was accurate (10+ / 0-)

    "too expensive now with little to no help from federal, state or city government" was not so far fetched as compared with New Jersey.

    I saw this from your link.  

    Maximum Incentive: $5,000 for solar-energy systems; $1,500 for fuel cells

    My building would be a multi-million dollar project. $5,000 for four or five football fields.

    It is really not my area but I was listening to people I know and they were talking about enormous hurdles. Copy and paste is nice but I trust these people and they deserve to be trusted.

    As a matter of fact the board member I spoke with today talked about a race against red tape that is wearing him down just to get the subsidy for co-generation before the deadline.  

    •  Solar energy (3+ / 0-)
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      Odysseus, Eddie C, priceman

      Your board is probably correct. I was involved in looking at solar for my building, also in NYC.  My building is about as perfect as you get for solar in NYC.  But when adding up the cost to install the solar and factoring in the tax benefits, the finances are questionable.  In the best case, it would have been a net savings in a reasonable number of years.  However, not a single company was willing to provide any sort of meaningful guarantee about maintenance costs or any evidence that the best case is not marketing hype.  Except for the biggest of buildings, no board (or coop owners/members) is going to put up with this uncertainty.

      Unfortunately, most tax laws are written with single-family houses in mind, rather than coops/condos.  Perhaps this is because few politicians live in coops/condos?

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