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    •  She was the principal speaker (7+ / 0-)

      at an on-campus alumni dinner at Yale (I believe she is, or was, a member of the Yale Corporation, kind of a board of trustees).  I was expecting to hear a garden variety Boola-Boola-give-a-lot-of-dough pitch, but instead she focused almost exclusively on the criticism PepsiCo has received alleging that their products, and the way they sell them, contribute to childhood obesity.  I can't really say one way or the other about the merit of her position, but I had two problems with the talk.  First, it sounded too much (to me) like the kind of argument that climate change deniers use, or that the tobacco industry used initially to parry the suggestion that smoking causes health problems.  Second, it seemed completely inappropriate for the audience or the setting, adding to the sense that she doth protest too much.

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