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  •  Wind Power Is A Sometime Thing (0+ / 0-)

    It is neither cheap nor relatively trouble-free.  It is not as environmentally costly as solar but not as great as fans would have it either.

    The ratings of power sources can be very deceptive. Accountants can differ wildly on costs.  Lack of experience in our country that is addicted to fossil fuels and perverse regulation adds mightily to costs,

    I have seen estimates for payback by a single installation range from 3 years to 40 based on the same data, depending on which side one was on.

    China's Xian Yang Geothermal City utility was not built as an expensive boondoggle like England's Cornwall exhibition may be or become.  It was built as a practical solution to a difficult problem in a highly polluted environment.

    Fascinating story the latter but I see evidence of considerable amateurishness unlike commercial projects in Idaho that grow tropical fish and alligators high in the Cascades of Idaho.

    Best,  Terry

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