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View Diary: MSNBC only bans Scarborough critics (355 comments)

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  •  Incredibly disingenous KOS, really bad form (3+ / 0-)

    I don't have much cred here since my user # is high and I don't post very often, but what Liz Cheney intimated about KO was MUCH LESS incendiary and POLICY-DRIVEN than the gossip-based, ad hominem attack on Joe Scarborough.  Jiminy Crickets, you intimate that Joe was involved with a murder and you expect his bosses to say 'freedom of speech' and stand up for poor little Markos!??!

    What the hell is wrong with you?  

    Tweets are in the public domain and it is akin to going on to KO or any other MSNBC show and suggesting that Scarborough is a murderer.  I don't care what political stripe you are, if I am Scarborough's boss, I cutting you off without question.  

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