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  •  I thought I would repost this comment (11+ / 0-)

    I think the pattern of banning folks Joe doesn't like is pretty widespread over at MSNBC.

    For example, this may explain why MSNBC never did a segment about the new Alex Gibney documentary, Casino Jack and the United States of Money.  It was always curious that the 'progressive' cable channel ignored the film.

    It was a powerful film that has been ignored. One of the themes of the film is that a complete investigation into the scandal never happened--especially when it came to Congress looking at members of Congress, the Senate and their staff who were part of the massive scandal.

    Perhaps somebody over at MSNBC prefers that the entire scandal stay safely swept under the rug.

    I suspect that the lack of coverage of Gibney's Abramoff film is due to Joe Scarborough's working relationship with Jack Abramoff back when Joe was in Congress and he was one of the Congress Critters that Jack could count on for favors and action.

    The basic story was laid out in The Hill back in 2007. It seems that Jack wanted some members of Congress to attack Joan Plaisted, Bill Clinton's Ambassador to the Marshall Islands, when one of Jack's RMI clients came to DC:

    Throughout 1999, Abramoff engineered a media blitz to discredit Plaisted. Abramoff’s underlings sifted through prior statements and actions to find Plaisted’s "mishaps and inappropriate behavior." That information was developed into speeches for House Republicans to deliver on the House floor.

    "Any idea who we want to go to the floor to attack her: [Rep. Dana] Rohrabacher [R-Calif.]?" fellow Preston Gates lobbyist Shawn Vasell wrote to Abramoff in an e-mail dated July 9, 1999. In a follow-up, Abramoff wrote, "We will likely need to line up Dana to deliver anti-Plaisted speech."

    Abramoff listed this as "top priority." According to Abramoff’s e-mails, at least one lawmaker committed to deliver one of the speeches: former Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.).

    There are more details (and campaign contributions) linking Joe and Jack. And the FARA filings of Team Abramoff make it clear that Scarborough wasn't the only one ready to do Jack's bidding from the House Floor (another one seems to be Bobby Erhlich of Maryland).

    In the end, Jack's client cancelled his trip to DC and the Jack cancelled the attack on Plaisted. I think it is safe to assume that the favors were called in at a later date to help Jack with this, that or the other thing.

    Perhaps Joe's standing as a Congressional member of Team Abramoff is why Gibney and his film have not been topics of discussion over on MSNBC. I guess Joe had Alex blackballed as well.

    I guess there may be more names on Joe's blacklist.

    But why do the rest go along?


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