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View Diary: CA-Gov: Respected Field Poll calls it a coin flip (146 comments)

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    The "state" didn't take over funding of the schools, a court found that funding different school districts at different per pupil levels violated the US constitution's equal protection clause.  Also, the power to specify land values was taken away from local tax assessors and made more scientific, because many local tax assessors gave their political backers a kick back in the form of lower tax assessments on their property-but they also would help out little old ladies in the same fashion.  So, a lot of little old ladies on fixed incomes had their taxes go up at the same time they were told their tax dollars had to go fund the minority kids in LAUSD even though they lived in the 'burbs.  The combination of these two factors is why Prop 13 passed.

    Plus, property taxes are absolutely not a stable source of income.  I bought a house last year for $150k.  The previous owner (before the bank foreclosed) paid $400k in late 2005.  That means the base rate for property taxes on my house went down by 62.5%-hardly stable.

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