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View Diary: Health care reform: Jindal signs faux nullification bill (113 comments)

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  •  I have a couple of good friends that watch FOX. (0+ / 0-)

    These are people that are well educated, good jobs, pay their taxes.....truely decent human beings.  But they believe the crap they watch on FOX. I literally cannot talk politics with them, or it just makes me despise them. They don't take the time to get really well informed, and as such, they believe the drivel that is puked up by Hannity and such.

    My ex called me during the HCR debate. He was all up in arms about socializing medicine, blah, blah. I straightened him out best I could.....then he has the nerve to ask me if it will effect his VA coverage!!! I just laughed and said NO. What the heck to do you think the VA is????? It's socialized medicine!!! He'd never really thought about it like that. OMG.

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