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View Diary: Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater: The Serpentine Issue in California (18 comments)

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    I will not comment on whether this bill is a good idea or not, because the extent to which California serpentine is contaminated with chrysotile varies by region.   I agree that condemning all serpentine rock for the "sins" of asbestos seems a stretch.   But whatever.  

    I am posting those comment to point out the factual inaccuracy of the claim that chrysotile does not cause mesothelioma.   This is false.  As a geologist I am sure you appreciate good science.   The science on this is clear and the consensus is that chrysotile has been epidemiologically associated with increased risk of mesothelioma in many peer reviewed scientific studies.  The only people who claim otherwise are like global warming deniers.  They are also invariably associated with either the asbestos manufacturers or their attorneys and paid expert witnesses (I.e., whores).  

    Full disclosure here:  I am an attorney who represents meso victims in court.   I have to fight the bogus "chrysotile defense" in most of the cases I try.  Dkos, of all places, need not be a place for the dissemination of bad science.

    If anyone would like I am happy to forward a list of peer reviewed articles showing that chrysotile indeed causes cancer.  

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