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View Diary: The VA is it helping vets or trying to make it harder to get benefits? (31 comments)

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    I was not impressed when the shysters were allowed into the tent in the seventies and I haven't been subsequently. There was a reason the fees allowed to lawyers was set at five and ten bucks after the Civil War; it's because of experience- the legal eagle always takes the big slice of the pie.

    Look, PTSD claims have always been extremely simple. You have a plausible stressor, you have a diagnosis from your helpful psych who, as a member of any of the three divisions assigned to help you in the community will not work long unless he finds what he's there to treat, and you're in. Where's the labyrinth requiring a shyster?

    It's simply that someone is in denial for a deficient case, and likes to believe he has been hornswaggled, and Superman Shyster can fly in to save the day ... unless Lex Luther, the DVA Director, keeps the windows locked.

    I have seen a lot of confusion introduced which helps some, maybe. Look, the lobbyists who engineered the 38s (claims reps from DAV, AL, VFW, later VVA, and the separate states) were not lawyers; they were paralegals, essentially, who knew the laws only as they pertained to vets and dependents.

    So we had VoRehab claims approved to compensate for disabilities which were not service-connected. Come again? Yes, because Chapter 31 specified a 20% S-C disability as a qualifier, but did not specifically express that the S-C ailments must strictly be the ones to be overcome. So the CVA caught 'em out. We had some willful misconduct funnies, as, smoking sickness was no longer compensated. However, there were vets at the 10 year mark which had grandfathered in that award. (SC awards are permanent after 10 years.) So, would the Cost of Living adjustments each year be applied to smoking disabilities?

    It was simpler before the shysters, and the proof was the same anyway. It just turned up a lot of hot air to blow the papers around.

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    by Timus on Sat Jul 10, 2010 at 07:18:36 PM PDT

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