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View Diary: LeBron James: 2nd biggest Jerk of the night (107 comments)

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    Jim J, LordMike

    lebron is the bigger jerk of the night - requesting an hour long ESPN special dedicated to himself makes him the arrogant ass of the year...

    not to mention going on live TV to rip the heart out of his home state and the city of cleveland..

    what gilbert said was the truth, the non PR filtered management edited truth. there is a reason only 18% of sports fans have a favorable opinion of james tonight. take away miami and fair weather fans i'm better it's closer to 0%.

    lebron pretty much said tonight he doesn't want to be the man, he wanted to be the person the man counts on. he'll never be jordan, he can only hope to one day be compared to pippin.

    i have no problem saying i hope he fails, every year in miami.

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