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View Diary: On Olbermann, dKos Member Debunks Glenn Beck's History Lies (242 comments)

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  •  A Glen Beck Univeristy is an oxymoron (6+ / 0-)

    however, it is essential that easily;y available on-line dis and mis-information be thoroughly debunked as I beleive in today's lowered academic studies, including using Wikipedia as source material) on-line degrees are handed out like jelly beans from Ronald Reagan's desk.

    I shudder at the thought of military officers and economists armed with Glen Beck University diplomas being consulted by right-wing think tanks.

    The public is ignorant but they are also incredibly gullible.

    This is a very dangerous development and makes a a total mockery of scholarly research and taught historical interpretations.  It used to be that if a work was published by definition it received a certain amount of stature (no smoke without a fire for even the most outrageous historical assumptions) but today any on-line university can also derive a certain amount of status merely by being on-line.  Very very dangerous.

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