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View Diary: Fear filibuster reform could come back to bite you? Bite first! (108 comments)

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    I think that is exactly why the filibuster rule hasn't changed. The House has done quite a good job of pumping out tough stuff, and then it gets to the Graveyard aka the Senate......ugggghhhhh.

    •  But is that the only reason? (0+ / 0-)

      I mean no disrespect -- especially as I'm also sure that DawnG has nailed it.
      But I seem to recall reading somewhere that it's not even possible for them to change the Senate's rules in mid-session -- and that even if they can, a rules change requires a super-majority of not just 60, but of 2/3 of the Senate?  
      (Which would be just 66 right now, and not 67, because of the absence of the late Sen Byrd, mhrip.  But either way, 66 or 67, might as well be from here to the moon, since it's a near-certainty that no BPublican would support such a move.)
      So even if every Dem Senator plus the two "independents" did support paring down or eliminating the filibuster, it couldn't happen til, at the earliest, the start of the next Congress -- after the upcoming election?
      Anyone out there know for sure on these questions?

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