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  •  And I recommended yours (3+ / 0-)

    Because you are quite right. Friends can disagree and still be respectful. However, there's something I didn't make completely clear in that last comment. Scott occasionally did worse than just sit on his hands: he fed actively into the narrative against us, much like Joe Lieberman does with the Dems. That, of course, gave the anti-GESO folks an excuse to say "See, even one of their guys thinks they're full of s**t on this!" It wasn't a matter of sticking to his guns over an honest disagreement; it was a matter of looking cool in front of his friends.

    I did mostly keep my mouth shut when he was running for Congress, because as far as I know he never actually claimed to have supported organized labor (probably a smart choice in Nebraska, unfortunately). But I did feel that people here should know the whole truth.

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