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  •  Some unions are good, not all (0+ / 0-)

    I'm sure you're a great teacher Ken.  As a parent, I see way too many poor performing teachers who just don't do their job.

    Case in point, there's a 3rd grade teacher who comes to school a few minutes before the bell rings, leaves 2 minutes after the bell rings...and has the kids correct each other's homework in class.  That's right, she takes no work home.  Her classroom walls are bare and she puts ZERO effort into her room.

    Last year EVERY parent in her class marched down to the principal's office to complain.  This teacher has had a horrible reputation for YEARS...and yet nothing can be done.

    I'm sure unions protect jobs, but I'm not for unions at the expense of our children's future.  I'd like to see performance-based reviews and eliminate tenure altogether.  Every other person who has a job has to keep doing a good job or they get fired.  I don't think public school teachers should be any different.

    I get it that its the union's job to protect their members.  But that does run counter to the public's interest at times.

    Another example, I was living in Hawaii when I read this article about this nurse showing up to work drunk (she was an alcoholic).  The hospital tried to fire her but the union PROTECTED her because their contract said there was no drinking while on the job but there was nothing about drinking BEFORE she got to work.

    So I know unions have had their place and purpose, but I'm not sold on the idea that the unions are this saintly presence as you presume.

    •  a suggestion for you (3+ / 0-)
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      teacherken, ManhattanMan, miss SPED

      if you are concerned about a particular teacher at a particular school, go look up that teacher's union contract -  most of them can be found online now.  Find the section where it spells out the procedure for identifying and getting rid of bad teachers, then contact your school's administration and ask why this procedure is not being followed for this teacher.

      The union isn't to blame for administrators not following clearly documented contract procedures.

      Also, you should know that declaring that "Some unions are good, not all" based on a bad teacher you know or some newspaper article about a drunk nurse just doesn't cut it.  You can't use one or two personal examples to make a statement like that.  

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