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  •  That's not true in NYC (0+ / 0-)

    Here in NYC, Charters must take all kids and select by lottery.

    Parents have to apply, so there is some self-selection, but the application process is easy.

    NOTE: It is actually easier to apply to an NYC Charter school than a public school, because the public school is full of bureaucrats who work between 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM and don't know (or pretend not to know) how to use e-mail.

    Enrolling in an NYC Public School always has a "application fee" because you must miss a day of work, in the middle of a Recession, to fill out certain forms "in person".

    Charter schools, because they care about families more than bureaucrats, let you use e-mail.

    So, please tell me why these Charters are so scary?

    •  I will repeat ... (0+ / 0-)

      Charters aren't scary.

      You continue to make blanket statments such as "Charter schools care more about families than bureacrats", implying that public schools don't care about families, which of course is not true.

      I can make blanket statements too. How about this: "Many of those who fund charter schools care more about profits than people." Equally valid ... or equally simplistic.

      You have admitted one has to apply to a charter. They are not required to take all students. If a student is truant and doesn't apply to any school, does the charter school seek him out? No ... that child becomes the responsibility of the public school system.

      Apparently your experience with the public schools was not a good one. That's unfortunate. I hope your children are successful at whatever school they attend. If they are treated as well as the the children at the public school where I work, they will have an excellent experience.

      Excess ain't rebellion. You're drinking what they're selling. - Cake

      by slatsg on Mon Jul 12, 2010 at 05:51:48 AM PDT

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      •  Charters MUST take all students. (0+ / 0-)

        This is how it is in NYC. Anyone can apply to a charter. Admission is by lottery. If the lottery gives 100 tough kids to the charter, the charter gets 100 tough kids.

        Nobody has ever given me a satisfactory explanation for why Public Schools require parents to take a day off of work to fill out forms. It is a little thing, but it is a good example of why Parents are flocking to charters schools and entering lotteries to get into charter schools.

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