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View Diary: Can an electoral wave wash out a financial edge? (132 comments)

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  •  If indeed this is such a "wave" election (1+ / 0-)
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    and this country is so filled with hate while our side is so discouraged that it "waves" in the most insane, extremist group of candidates ever, then I don't even see the point of making an effort — and I think this is what diaries like this are telling the progressive activist base — we don't have ANY shot of preventing out-of-their-mind extremists from taking over and wrecking the country so let's give up now. I wish more people were focusing on specific races we can win. I'm very discouraged here in Ohio, following a bloody Senate primary and the winning candidate now almost completely failing to run a campaign. We're going to lose that seat, and we didn't HAVE to. But should we sit out EVERY race in Ohio? I don't think so. I see no reason not to fight for our congressional candidates. I'm more worried about the attitude of Democrats, especially the hardcore, than anything else. Because these aren't JUST Republicans — these are batshit insane Republicans who will be hellbent on wrecking the country and taking the spoils as fast as possible before the public is onto them and kicks them out of office. If you think the mess bush left in 2008 was horrendous, the mess these people will leave in 2012 could be unfixable.

    De-orangify Congress: Justin Coussoule for Oh-08

    by anastasia p on Sun Jul 11, 2010 at 09:41:07 AM PDT

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