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View Diary: What you did NOT see on thursday's ABC Nightline!!! (267 comments)

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  •  Joe Wilson (none)
    He might as well have told Perle to f#@k off!!!!!!!!
    •  What did Wilson say? n/t (none)

      Susan in Port Angeles (my cat)

      by SusanHu on Thu Jan 27, 2005 at 09:11:03 PM PST

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    •  Yeah... (none)
      Everyone knows Joe Wilson's politics.

      I can only assume that, since he's barely mentioned, that he didn't say anything provocative. I'll tape the show tonight and see.

      •  To the contrary (4.00)
        I thought Wilson said something VERY interesting.  He said, basically, that the function of the National Guard is to protect America from threats here at home.  He implied that to use the National Guard for a war of agression outside our borders is a violation of the mandate of the guard.

        If that's true, then that seems to be fairly firm ground for National Guard reservists to refuse to go to Iraq.  

        It would be very interesting to know the language of the agreement that these reservists sign when they commit to service.

      •  The first words out of Joe Wilson's mouth.... (4.00)
        ...were "I'm the man married to the first CIA agent to be outed by her own government".  To which Koppel replied "Thanks for pointing that out.  Now I don't have to ask". AS IF he would have asked anything on this subject at all.

        Wilson was on target when he kept pounding the point that the Armed Services exist to protect us from foreign invaders.  Perle was all over him for this with the usual trash talk that if you criticize the Bush Administration then you're not supporting the troops.  That argument, I'm starting to think, has seen better days.  I'm not so sure it works so well anymore since even the biggest moron in the world can tell the difference between a soldier  and one that just plays one on TV (Bush).

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