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View Diary: What you did NOT see on thursday's ABC Nightline!!! (267 comments)

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  •  I had the strange experience (none)
    of being on a Russian TV discussion about Sept. 11th. It was not pleasant, a little more manipulative than your experience, but not much. Here's some of what I wrote the day after:

    ...The audience members filled in the raised rows of seats behind the host's podium.  As they took their seats, a disembodied woman's voice yelled from somewhere, "Okay, where are our Americanists and AntiAmericanists?"  In Russian, the accent is on the last syllable, AntiAmericanEESTy, which makes the words sound that much more bizarre.

    Then the producer woman appeared, a beautiful red-head in a tight white-cotton blouse, jeans, and beige high-heels.  She explained the show's new technological system.  Each audience member had a little console for registering their interest in the film to come by pressing the "plus sign" during more interesting parts, and "minus" during the parts where they were bored.  But first, to divide in the audience into appropriate sociological groups, she asked the audience to pick which side they were on.

    "Okay, all those who agree with the policies of America, press one!  Those who disagree with the policies of America, press two!  You got that?  One, for America, two, against!"

    A white blob had appeared on the giant LCD screens to our right.  This blob, after some delay, turned out to be a pie-graph.  Two colors appeared: yellow for Anti-Americanist, and green for Americanist.  As the votes came in, the yellow chunk grew and shrank, but finally threatened to swallow its green counterpart at 60.9 percent Anti-American.

    "Oh yeah. We're fucked," I said...

    Fortunately, the show never aired!

    •  Thanks for posting this... (none)
      We have got to start reporting the news WE  actually EXPERIENCE, not just forwarding and commenting on what the media talking heads and political pundits say on the "fascist media"

      My own dedication to Bush/Cheney Inc. Listen to WMD: Words of Mis-Direction

      by NewWay4NewDay on Fri Jan 28, 2005 at 09:49:11 AM PST

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