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  •  I understand what you are saying, (none)
    But let's not divded ourselves with semantics.

    If ou don't need religion to tell you to "turn the other cheek" and "do unto others as you would jave them to do unto you" etc., then that is fine.

    If somebody is anti-war or truly compassionate or whatever based on faith, then that is fine for them.

    The point is that "they", the corporate puppet masters who have hijacked our government "of the people", want to deny dissenting opinion whether it is religious or not.

    So, they don't need your help alienating those of us who DO share your core beliefs of "right from wrong".

    Don't dismiss people just because they need what you would consider a cruth or a security blanket if we are all on the same side.

    We cannot let them divide us any longer.

    My own dedication to Bush/Cheney Inc. Listen to WMD: Words of Mis-Direction

    by NewWay4NewDay on Sat Jan 29, 2005 at 08:31:13 PM PST

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