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View Diary: Do Democrats Have A Chance To Win Obama Surge Voters This Year? (45 comments)

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    Perhaps. Every person I know...
    ...who's younger than 26 believes themselves to be immortal and impervious to health problems. I don't believe that there are a significant number of "kids" between 18-26 for whom a scenario like this is considered a galvanizing proposition.

    I agree. I do not think healthcare reform excites kids under 26 unless they, or someone close to them has a chronic ailment.

    Even then, the reforms allowing them to stay on their parent's insurance--if their parents have insurance--would give them relief and not necessarily excitement.

    Student loan reform may get them a little more excited. It means a little more money and a sliver less reliance on extra jobs and their parents.

    As far as I can tell, the only things currently left on the federal level, that  will really excite the majority of young people who vote, are the prospects of clean energy reform and a clear plan to hire them and their friends.

    Other than that, I think state initiatives like the California measure to legalize and tax marijuana are about the only other thing that will get young people excited enough to get out and vote.

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