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  •  Nice interview with Aiona, but.... (3+ / 0-)
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    raatz, fumie, SoCalSal you said, you don't live here.  If you did and had kids in school here, you would have seen him traveling on state business for a little ceremony or thingie, then using most of the day and evening visiting churches and their schools.  He is an End-Timer, he supports the war in Iraq, believes one is coming with Iran, and encourages the "Christian" students to enlist for the coming Armageddon.  Flyers about his religious speeches were even distributed in state and county offices, despite all rules to the contrary.  

    It's all part of his doomsday scenario, and I don't want him anywhere in state government any more.  He may speak well with you about plans for improving conditions in Hawaii, but he believes in and promotes quite a different future.

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