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  •  Our son takes his lunch to school. And he (1+ / 0-)
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    comes home appalled by what he sees other kids buying for lunch, or trading 'round the lunch table.  Fake "yogurt" squeeze sticks that our son knows perfectly well is candy; plastic "lunchables" packets with mystery meat and cheese that feels and looks like rubber erasers; big floppy slabs of pizza so greasy that they drip; etc.  and he thinks that stuff is gross.

    He is a good guy, our son, and pretty much sticks to the eating values he's learned at home.

    I'm totally with you on not compromising on food quality even though it costs more.  I often make fun--- sorry to any Kossacks who might be among this contingent--- of people who in, say, Berkeley or San Francisco argue over the best variety of mushroom in which season, or whether x or y method of curing ham yields the best flavor, blah blah blah foodie stuff.  I would never shop for food motivated by such prideful, aesthetically-driven class-consciousness.  I just want what my family eats to be, when I first buy it, and before I cook it, clean, and fresh, minimally processed if at all, and (if possible) locally grown, and (with certain things) organic.

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