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View Diary: McCARTHYISM IN OHIO: SB 24, Ohio law to muzzle "liberals" (143 comments)

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  •  It seems to apply to all institutions of higher ed (none)

    Sec. 3345.80.  The board of trustees of each state institution of higher education, as defined in section 3345.011 of the Revised Code, and the board of trustees or other governing authority of each private institution of higher education that holds a certificate of authorization issued under section 1713.02 of the Revised Code shall adopt a policy recognizing that the students, faculty, and instructors of the institution have the following rights:

    Case Western Reserve University, for example, is is chartered as an educational institution under the laws of the State of Ohio and holds a Certificate of Authorization from the Ohio Board of Regents.

    •  I went to B-W (none)
      and took a Religion course, does this mean that teh anti-semitic stuff should ahve also been taught by the Rabi as if it were scholarly:

      "(B) Students shall be graded solely on the basis of their reasoned answers and appropriate knowledge of the subjects and disciplines they study and shall not be discriminated against on the basis of their political, ideological, or religious beliefs. Faculty and instructors shall not use their courses or their positions for the purpose of political, ideological, religious, or antireligious indoctrination."

      And does that mean as Wiccan, I could attend Christian schools like Malone and not have to worry about my grades since then the faculty wouldn't be allowed to grade me down for proving that the Good Mother is far more accepting than fundementalist Christians?  I almost went to Malone and it requires students to attend services.

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