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View Diary: McCARTHYISM IN OHIO: SB 24, Ohio law to muzzle "liberals" (143 comments)

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  •  The pathway you take-- an X factor? (none)
    Fix the training and coverage problem instead of stopping victims and those who are suffering from obtaing redress through the courts!!

    It's all about cost control. And it's also all about misplaced priorities.

    That's it; I want these elected officials off the island. They are too lazy and shortsighted to truly help their constituents. That's what it's all about... mental and spiritual laziness.

    But did the pathway they took to become what they did, make them that way?

    That's what, I've come to believe, is what is really so discouraging about politics. You could call it "the system", but it's not even as simple as that.
    Something about the process one goes through to get power and influence, (and probably not just in our country) compels-- you could even say, requires-- people to lose their ability, or will, to help the people who elected them.

    This isn't even about the act of politics itself, necessarily! It seems to me now, this thing is something apart from schmoozing, using inside information, leveraging relationships, all that quid pro quo stuff you must go through to be a good politician... that stuff seems to me now, like something you CAN engage in, and still be honorable. And still actively work for the public good, rather than against it.

    This requirement-- yes, because I believe unspokenly, it is a requirement-- to become a person who actively works to disassemble people's rights, who actively reduces human beings to less worth than widgets-- it seems to me now like something completely apart from the social navigation and wheeling-dealing that is politics. A completely distinct X-factor.
    And it is ruining people's lives.

    That's the solution: divorce politics from this requirement. We'll have a more humane society, and happier citizens too.

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