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    WARREN: Hey Mister President, how's it going?
    OBAMA: It's going... well Elizabeth.  Let's head to the Roosevelt Room.


    WARREN: So Mister President, why did you want me to come in?
    OBAMA: Well I wanted to tell you about...
    WARREN: Yes?
    OBAMA: Well in politics you know... you can't always do what you want to do, sometimes you do what you have to do.
    WARREN: Yes?
    OBAMA: And I have to tell you... That...
    WARREN: What is it Mister President?
    OBAMA: That...
    WARREN: "..."
    OBAMA: That... Michelle and I want you to cook out with us this weekend!
    WARREN: That's it?
    OBAMA: Yeah.  YEAH!  That's it!  What else would it be?
    WARREN: I thought it might have something to do with the consumer pro...
    OBAMA: Yeah we'll have St. Louis style ribs, and potato salad, and you can bring a jello mold!
    WARREN: Mr. President I'm honored, but you know, this IS the fifth straight week you and the first lady have invited me to cook out.
    OBAMA: You can bring cornbread again!
    WARREN: And your'e sure there's nothing else?
    OBAMA: Sure... sure but... just in case.
    WARREN: Yes?
    OBAMA: Just in case anything else comes up, why don't you have my assistant make us an appointment for NEXT Thursday too.
    WARREN: Next Thursday.
    OBAMA: Yeah.  NEXT Thursday.
    WARREN: Mister President, is is possible you and the first lady are cooking out again next weekend?
    OBAMA:  We just might be, Ms. Warren.  We JUST might be.


    BEN QUAYLE: What the fuck am I doing in this story?
    NEWT GINGRICH: It beats me.  Are you going to eat that?
    QUAYLE: What.
    GINGRICH: [pointing] That.
    QUAYLE: That's a cat.
    GINGRICH: Yeah.  Are you going to eat it?
    QUAYLE: No
    GINGRICH: Cool.

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