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View Diary: Greenspan: Let the Bush tax cuts expire (205 comments)

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    moving this off budget so the amounts of money moving from the SS fund to general fund couldn't be easily seen in one document (even one as huge as the federal budget) kept people from realizing trillions of dollars are owed from US government general fund to the SS fund.   We, taxpayers paying into the fund, are the biggest creditor of the US.    Its been in left wing blogs, but hardly ever makes it way out of MSM and never out of a politician's mouth.   We have to be taxed again to give us back our money already paid in for a specific purpose before they can pay the promised benefit.   Rather than admit that, they just say that there isn't enough current income, the system is bankrupt and we can't have benefits.

    The only bankruptcy is the moral bankruptcy of the politicians, from the President through Congress on this issue, who won't own up how our money was frittered away on tax breaks for the rich, corporations and wars for oil perpetrated by the Bush-Cheney administration.

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