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  •  "A Whale" - BP and the govt. use of dispersants- (4+ / 0-)
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    make oil skimming next to impossible. So what else is new.

    the tanker "A Whale" Just another example of  the unjustified use of dispersants

    The oil is too dispersed to take advantage of the converted Taiwanese supertanker's enormous capacity, said Bob Grantham, a spokesman for shipowner TMT.

    He said BP's use of chemical dispersants prevented A Whale, billed as the world's largest skimmer, from collecting a "significant amount" of oil during a week of testing that ended Friday.

    "When dispersants are used in high volume virtually from the point that oil leaves the well, it presents real challenges for high-volume skimming," Grantham said in a written statement that did not include oil-collection figures from the test.

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