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  •  Can we support the population of the earth (1+ / 0-)
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    without fossil fuels?

    I am currently researching this issue on the internet.  There are experts that think the maximum population of the earth should be about 2 billion without cheap oil.  And then there are experts that think we can overcome Peak oil if we really worked at it.  Of course we are not doing very much to overcome our reliance on oil.  

    I watched the movie Crude Awakening yesterday.  Our standard of living is going to take a major hit.  And apparently we are already at or close to peak oil.

    My guess is that our lousy economy will keep getting lousier.  We have oil that will only keep getting more expensive and a population that is increasing at a very high rate.

    I also don't see how our earth can support 7 billion people with ever more expensive oil.  

    I am in Chicagoland.  In the winter there is basically no sun here, and the wind won't run this city.  Even if theoretically we really put our minds to developing a solution I don't see what it could be.  

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