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  •  I'm not sure. (4.00)
    In the interest of full disclosure ;) I should point out that I'm a Librarian. Categorization is at the soul of my profession (if not my actual practice).

    That said, I do not believe you can ask individuals to self-assign a category without a pull-down menu. You have listed a category of "Troops", but rest assured, you'll get something like this:

    Iraqi troops
    National Guard troops
    Military troops (d'oh, but just you wait!)
    Troop movement
    Troop morale
    Troop supplies
    Troop armor
    Troop vehicles
    Military vehicles
    Body armor
    Mess kits for Troops
    International Forces
    French Military

    You get the idea...

    I notice there is a Section pull-down on the home page, but that is only for stories submitted by front-page writers. You might get better categorization if your list was incorporated into a pull-down menu that was mandatory for submitting a diary, but you'd have to put in an "other".

    BUSH: Like a rock...but dumber.

    by mugsimo on Fri Jan 28, 2005 at 12:44:40 PM PST

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