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  •  no, the fundies would just bomb the (1+ / 0-)
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    assistants and their buildings.

    •  I am hopeful it will be safer (1+ / 0-)
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      I was thinking that there could be much greater anonymity, for the first-trimester vacuum aspiration abortions. First, there is a much greater number of qualified people to perform it hands-on, hopefully providing anonymity. Secondly, since so many health clinics have a computer and webcam (a Skype videoconference abortion, maybe?), and so do homes, the variety of locations for the abortion is enormous. Stalkers couldn't follow the doctor (who could actually be out of state at the time!) and they couldn't tell where the abortions were going on, either. Physician's assistants could moonlight doing at-home abortions and the only people who would know would be the abortion doctor (who could send the work payments to the physician assistants directly to their bank accounts). At-clinic abortions are tougher, the only benefit is that there is a much bigger pool of potential abortion providers, out of which some brave people will be willing to perform abortions. Thirdly, possibly nurse midwives and nurse practitioners have an especially strong culture of empowering patients and allowing patients to choose. I am hopeful.

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