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  •  {{{{{matt}}}}}}}} (8+ / 0-)

    remember i told you once ?
    oh why should you remember..but i  said i know we disagree on some things lately.
    but on the stuff that means more, there is absolutely nothing I don't agree with you on.    that has not changed. it never will.
    before that,  i  said i love your passion, and your heart, and how you embrace so much.
    that will never change either.    
    i try to understand how I feel like  some people can reach out and make a impact on my life as many times as I go "oh it's just a blog...."
    that is not true sometimes.   it is sometimes more than that.
    now is one of those times.
    it's this strange  thing where i feel like I"m truly at a memorial for Lefty's mom, with you and ear, and we're  in the back of the room.
    and this is the conversation we are having.
    just strange. my imagination must be on overdrive, or i'm just letting my feelings take me where they want to go.

    "Oh changed your hair color? It's just so dark. You like it? And with your skin tone?" My Beloved Mom, December 25 2007, once again on notice.

    by Christin on Sat Jul 17, 2010 at 10:47:29 PM PDT

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