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View Diary: Mentally ill cut from Tenncare, could end up jailed! (9 comments)

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         No Alternative placed a new recommended diary about Tennessee's Dem Gov kicking 300,000 people off of Tenncare. We as constituents need to let Gov. Phil Bredesen know we do not support this effort. This is not the way Democrats solve problems. It he has any hope of staying in office he needs to promote another solution. This was followed by reports Friday that the Mentally ill cut from Tenncare could end up jailed! As with so many other "cost saving proposals" you can see that the ones which are hurt the most are the ones that need the most.

         I hope to post the next edition Monday morning after I check the feed back from those I am sending this preview too.
         Just Reply to this if you have a change to suggest.

    "It's about the accountability, stupid." Thomas Davis 2005

    by Tomtech on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 11:33:01 PM PST

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