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    Going GaGa on BP

    BP...lie lie ieesss
    Yah so what, some birds die
    Laugh Laugh to the bank
    HA HA, an oil rig sank.

    There are many ways to deal with tragedies and painful situations, with parody often being an effective path. Well, rewriting Lady Gaga with "Oilmance" might have captured how to think about Bloody Polluters.  

    In this diary, you will find this (for example) written by me:

    Well, boycotting the BP stations could well make sense ... in a limited fashion.  It will feel good but taking that step risks taking our eyes off the real prize: reducing our oil demand, on a continuing basis, so that there will be lesser chance of an oil spill with every passing day. ...

    We have a choice before us ... whether we allow the fossil foolish interests to continue profiteering off killing the planet's ability to support human civilization. Or, will we build not some but massive numbers of turbines? Will we truly 'harvest the sun' recognizing that "this disaster cannot be undone" but that future disasters can be prevented?

    Blogging regularly at Get Energy Smart NOW! for a sustainable energy future.

    by A Siegel on Mon Jul 26, 2010 at 04:06:25 AM PDT

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