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View Diary: Obama's new immigration reform allies call LGBT inclusion "a deal breaker" (143 comments)

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  •  Jesus weeps at the sight of people who (16+ / 0-)

    would be for separating couples just b/c they are Gay and live in two different nations. Most of these people have no love or charity for their fellow human kind if they are LGBT, and this just brings that into focus.

    Why is religion dictating what goes on in our government anyway? Why don't they just repeal the establishment clause of the first amendment to our Constitution too? Most of these politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, do not honor it by using theocratic arguments to continue to deny basic rights to LGBT people. That includes President Obama for using the 'god is in the mix' argument against marriage equality when having the televised conversation w/ Rick Warren.

    The Democrats need to stop playing games w/ our lives and civil rights. If they believe in these values and policies, that's great. If they don't then they should stop telling us what we want to hear only to break our hearts at nearly every turn by half measures or nothing at all. You either believe that LGBT civil rights are human rights or you don't. There is no moderate ground or triangulation for these issues.

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