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View Diary: Out of work? Maybe it's 'cause you're unattractive (247 comments)

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    Christin, rainmanjr

    obviously there are exceptions to the rule. And if the person you work for is dumb enough to give someone more important projects or promotions based on looks... then I guess you work for a moron.

    I bust my ass to eat healthy. To run and do yoga even when I dont want to.

    I take time to concern myself with how I dress.

    I do this because the way I present myself is important to me.

    I am not tall. I dont have the things one would need to be a model in terms of facial structure.

    Is there actually a Fat Gene? really? And I guess I can see how you need to be born in the upper class to do situps and run every couple of days.

    Confidence is also a major part of being attractive.

    whatever. I guess excuses are great too.

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