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  •  Depends on the definition of "integrity test" (4+ / 0-)
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    If well integrity, up till the present, is supposedly being maintained at a still anomalous 6800+ psi (well below expected 8000-9000 psi);

    but the "integrity" of the capping system itself (apparently in and around the HC connector, at present), is being compromised, and if the leaks around the HC connector are growing in number, and presumably in volume, then can the "integrity test" be considered successful enough to keep the capping system in place?

    Or does the "integrity test" by definition have to include not only well "integrity," but also capping-system "integrity"?

    Kent Wells:

    The gas leaks which we are seeing are coming from places with metal to metal seals and are probably due to gas which already existed in the seals. The seals were water tested to 50,0000 pounds so the leaks are probably gas bubbles.

    Thad Allen:

    Federal and BP officials have now identified a total of five very small leaks in and around the Gulf of Mexico oil well, none of which are believed to pose a significant problem.

    And my own "lyin" eyes, watching the ROV monitors

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