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  •  Will do and here's my letter to Senator Reid .... (0+ / 0-)

    Good day Majority Leader Reid,

    Thank you for all you did to bring financial reform legislation to the President today for his signature.

    However, Mr Majority Leader, you are going to need to do something unprecedented and requiring great courage on your part on on the part of your Democratic Senator colleagues.

    For the sake of job creation, for the sake of our fragile bioshpere, for the sake of our national security and the threat to it and our economic sustainability that our continued dependence on fossil fuels represents, Mr Majority Leader, you need to invoke and pass the Constitutional Option.  

    Mr Majority Leader you and your colleagues simply must represent the Majority that elected you and you cannot do that with a Republican minority that has violated every duty they have to the vast majority of American citizens.  They serve only the wealthy, the extremist elements led by folk like Beck and Limbaugh, and various multi-national (often non-American owned) corporations.

    Please, Mr. Majority Leader, bring the Senate into alignment with the Rules of the House of Representatives and deliver to the majority that elected you the results we expect.  Tricks and gimmicks and stunts and shenanigans under the guise of "Rules" are not what our Founder's endorsed and it is time for the Senate to get in step with history and reality and the needs of Americans and represent the majority of those Americans whom not only elected each of you but pay your salary and benefits.

    It's time to act, Sir - in fact, it's long overdue.

    Thank you,

    Yes. We. Did. ... Begin.

    by understandinglife on Wed Jul 21, 2010 at 12:34:29 PM PDT

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