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  •  Your right about the "editing" (8+ / 0-)

    But I could not have gotten through it at all without some completely inappropriate laughter. I have written a diary about losing Michael - he had gone missing for several weeks prior to his death and was in a state of dementia and homeless for that period.

    Prior to his illness he, like me, had not been terribly fond of organized religion. When I received what few things he had had with him I went through his bag trying to figure out where he had been. He had apparently stayed in a homeless shelter run by a right wing evangelical group in downtown Chicago for a while. I found "worksheets" that they had given him (apparently as a condition of staying in their shelter) where he had been forced to write down bible verses and the names of apostles over and over and over again. In the horror of that moment something about some holier than thou "church lady" making him do that struck me as absurdly funny - mostly because I knew how annoyed he would have been, how pissed I was at him right then and how pointless the excercise was - I laughed until I couldn't breathe. And then cried some more ...

    My mom wrote a great book on the church & gay marriage - buy it here!

    by hpchicago on Mon Aug 16, 2010 at 08:15:48 PM PDT

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