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View Diary: The Tides Foundation avoids another right-wing murder spree. (75 comments)

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  •  Excellent! Drive him screeching bonkers! (3+ / 0-)

    Fact is he's done this enough times by now that the connection is no longer deniable, so an investigation is in order.

    If it makes him (even more) paranoid, too bad for him.  And if he goes off the deep end and starts frothing at the mouth about being targeted for "spying", all the much better.  

    What I'd really love to see, is a video clip of Beck going on a rant about how the FBI is eeeevil because they're asking all his neighbors about him.  That will alienate him from the portion of his viewers who are oldschool law-and-order conservatives, which will tend to be his older viewers.  

    What I'd like to see even more, is for him to be taken off the air.

    If those CHP officers hadn't put themselves in harm's way, and taken injuries while doing so, there might be a dozen dead people in San Francisco right now.  Thanks to Glenn Beck and his provable MO.  

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