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  •  Honestly, I don't understand what the fuss ...... (14+ / 0-)

    ..... is over FOX News.  We know what they are, they know what they and they will never change.  

    What's the fuss?  Lying rightwing racists acting like lying rightwing racists: Well knock me over with a feather.  

    So let's stop with the faux outrage about FOX.  They do what they've always and have no intention of stopping.  

    But never in my wildest nightmares did I expect a Democratic administration to throw so many of it's constituencies under the bus?  I never expected to see a Democratic administration so ready, willing and even eager to throw liberals, labor, and AA's under the bus.  What the hell is the point?  

    It is truly time to fight back because we have been at WAR since January 20, 2009...  

    No, we have been at war since January 1981 when the worst of America was given a toehold into the circles of power.  We've been at was since Willie Horton, Ken Starr, the welfare queen and the rest of the rightwing icons that have been thrown at us.  

    The difference this time is we have an administration that seems to go along with it.  For what, who knows?  

    Give it a little more time and that "who knows" will become "who cares".  

    If anyone is not willing to stand up for their friends, why the hell should we be expected to stand beside them and fight against their enemies?  

    If Obama and his administration can't fight for their supporters, they shouldn't be surprised to find they fight against their enemies alone.  

    This thread is full of trolls, at least one of which is very likely a zombie. Zombies and trolls: Seen any elves lately?

    by ThAnswr on Wed Jul 21, 2010 at 07:00:06 PM PDT

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